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Monitoring Trends

​​​​​​In bringing together monitoring data from a variety of sources, CCSA is able to form a more complete picture of substance use and its related harms. By identifying emerging and longer term trends, CCSA can proactively inform prevention and treatment planning and responses.

CCSA develops key publications through its monitoring activities, including:

CCSA is also working on projects that offer timely, valuable information to professionals working in substance abuse fields:

  • Tracking the emergence of novel psychoactive substances in Canada; 

  • Analyzing national survey data to produce reports that measure substance use and associated harms, the most recent example being Cannabis Use and Risky Behaviours and Harms: A Comparison of Urban and Rural Populations in Canada; and 

  • Being secretariat for the National Drug Checking Working Group, a collection of service providers, researchers and pol​icy advisors involved in drug checking across Canada. Read a summary​ of the group’s​ most recent in-person meeting, which was held at the conference, Stimulus 2018: Drugs, Policy and Practice in Canada, in Edmonton in October 2018.​

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