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Substance Use Affecting the Workplace

Substance use affecting the workplace is a far-reaching issue that has significant impacts on both workplace health and safety, and the economy. Employers and employees need guidance as they develop strategies to maintain safe workplaces and remain responsive to the changing legal and regulatory landscape.

Addressing Substance Use in the Workplace

CCSA is working with partners and representatives from both public and private sectors to identify current needs and emerging issues related to the effects of substance use on the workplace. An initial plan of action will seek:

  • To make the case for investing in prevention, awareness and other strategies to address alcohol and drug issues in the workplace;

  • To build the capacity of employers to prevent and address problematic drug and alcohol use, and its impact in the workplace; and

  • To provide employers with tools and resources to help change workplace culture around impairment and encourage employees to get help if they need it.

Start the Conversation

Produced by CCSA, the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Conference Board of Canada, Start the Conversation contains statistics, risk factors and tips for starting the conversation on this important issue.

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